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Our farm began when Jonas E. Hawkins, at the age of 21, inherited 40 acres from his father, located 2.5 miles east of Sharpsville. He gradually added to his holdings until he owned 900 acres and was the largest landowner in Liberty Township. "It would be idle to say that he has accomplished this from any other than honest methods, upright integrity and conscientious devotion to duty" (History of Tipton County, Indiana by M.W. Pershing 1914).

Some of his children, including James "Mont" Hawkins and his wife Lilly Belle continued the family farm tradition. Mont & Belle's daughter, Frances "Jane" married Hubert "Max" Henderson, who was also a farmer. Max's parents, Hubert & Frieda, were both educators who had a knack for travel, business ventures, exploration and were also involved in agriculture. Max and Jane's son, Monty, graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor's degree in Ag Economics, then married Kandi Barcus.  

After partnering with his parents until their retirement, Monty and Kandi assumed the role as the farm operators. They are the "M&K" of the M&K Henderson Family Farm. Born to them are son Austin, a Purdue graduate with a BS degree in Ag Systems Management and an AS degree in Agronomy who is married to Alandra - an accomplished hair stylist who is also from a farm family. In addition to his duties as owner of Henderson Ag Advantage (a seed and crop supply distributor),  Austin has a leading role in the daily farm operations, management and agronomic decisions. Daughter "Alex" is employed as a feed procurement buyer in the dairy industry. She earned her Purdue BS in Ag Economics, with an emphasis on animal nutrition and marketing.

Our philosophy is to be good stewards of the land we farm. We are not the most typical farm and we choose not to be. Our base is on the site where Jonas built his farmstead. We believe in education, community service, and integrity - much like Jonas Hawkins did when he began this farm in 1882.

The old barn with Jonas Hawkins & family.  This is where our farmstead is located today.




'HAA' is a full service agriculture supply company specializing in Pioneer Seeds, Crop Excellence, Meristem Ag, and Granular Insights. Austin created 'HAA' in 2013. 


M&K is committed to continual improvement of soil health.  Monty converted to conservation tillage early in his career and now we perform strip tillage and utilize cover crops to create a healthier soil environment.


M&K provides custom farm services to those located in our geographic footprint.


We are a registered USDOT interstate carrier.  We haul commercial freight, serving primarily agribusinesses  We also haul seasonal farm goods.

Our Team

Without these folks, we would not be where we are today.

Monty Henderson

CEO & President 

Monty brings years of farm and business experience to the operation.  He also feeds the dogs.

Austin Henderson

Owner of HAA

Operations Manager for M&K

Austin is our technology and agronomic specialist. He also manages the day to day farm operations.

Ryan Piel

Crop Production Sales Manager

Ryan is a part of the Henderson Ag Advantage team.  He is a former Pioneer Agronomist.

Kevin Ellis

Lead Driver

Kevin is our lead truck driver and chief mechanic. Our wheels can't turn without his help. 

Kandi Henderson

Book Keeper & Lunch Lady

Kandi keeps us all fed and moving during peak seasons.  She also handles a lot of our communications.  It's always a pleasure to gather around her table for a meal.

Max Henderson

The "Old Boss"

Max is a permanent fixture.  His vast knowledge of all things mechanical has always been a tremendous asset.

Jane Henderson

Ice Tea Maker

Jane has made so much tea for the crew, we can't even guess how much that would be.  Always an encouraging and smiling presence.

Henry & Bennette

Farm Dogs

The "boys" are the official farm greeters.  When Henry sits on your foot, you will know that you are accepted.

- M&K Henderson Family Farm-

where tradition & technology grow quality

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